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A Note from Pramila

For 20 years, I have been working for justice. Whether while working on reproductive health, economic development or immigrant rights, I’ve witnessed our country become less than it should be because of growing income inequality and less help for those who need it the most. I’ve seen important issues like immigration reform stuck in Congress, while families suffer. I’ve watched large corporations continue to wield power while working class people struggle. And I’ve seen the persistent opportunity gap in our schools for kids who have what it takes but just need the right support.

At the same time, I’ve worked with people of all backgrounds to connect grassroots organizing to policy change—and here’s what I’ve found. People are hungry for change. They may be cynical about government but if we listen and engage, we can create a new kind of community. We can create a community where we all take care of each other, because if one of us is struggling then all of us are hurting. If we build our power collectively, we can do better for everyone.

I ran for office in order to find real solutions to these issues. I want to remind people of why government needs us and why we need government. I want to re-engage those that have disconnected from our democracy and remind everyone that each one of us can make a difference.

During my campaign, I walked the district asking not just for what you thought were the big issues in our district and state, but also what your ideas were to fix them. Now, as I work through my first legislative session in Olympia, I am asking for your energy, your hope, and your determination to transform our system so that we lift all voices and work together for positive change. We need to continue to celebrate the diversity that is the hallmark of this district: whether you’re white, black or brown, young or old, there’s a place for you to contribute to change.

With your ongoing input and help, I will make sure that I and other lawmakers in Olympia create positive change in Washington State and represent our beloved community in the 37th District.

In solidarity,


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